How to Start a SIP in Mutual Fund from Kotak Securities Trading Account?

By | May 1, 2018

If you are holding a Kotal Securities Trading and Demat Account, Starting a SIP in Mutual Fund is quite easy. Within a minute you can start your SIP rather than visit your Bank or Mutual Fund Distributor.

Will guide you with complete information by step by step to start a SIP in Mutual Fund.

Before proceeding further, I want to ask one question to you.

Which type of Account are you holding with Kotak Securities?

There are 3 types of accounts Kotak securities offers for the Investor.

  • Trinity Account ( Savings, Trading and Demat Account)
  • 2 In 1 Account  ( Only Trading and Demat account linking to other Bank Account)
  • Offline Account

You can Start a SIP in Mutual Funds in Both Trinity and 2 in 1 account, but this facility is not available with Offline Account. 

Will discuss the procedure to start a SIP in for both Trinity and 2 in 1 Account.

How to Start a SIP in Mutual Fund? Procedure for Trinity Account

Starting a SIP in Mutual Fund is easy in Trinity Account.

An auto debit function of Trinity account will create a standing instruction in your Kotak Bank Account to debit the SIP amount from the Bank automatically. 

Step to Follow: –

  1. Login to your Kotak Securities Account
  2. Mouse Over to Place Order Section and select Mutual Fund
  3. Click on SIP from the Mutual Fund Section
  4. Select the Radio Button of SIP
  5. Select the Holding Pattern ID
  6. Select the Category of Funds
  7. Select the Fund House Name
  8. Select the Scheme Name
  9. Select the Folio Cut Off Time

How to Start a SIP in Mutual Fund

You will be redirected to the Transaction page of the Mutual Fund.

To start a SIP, Select the Radio Button of SIP.

Mutual Fund _ Transaction Type

You must select Holding pattern. 

The Next Step is the selection of Funds. 

You have to select the funds by Category, Fund House Name, and Scheme Name. 

Selection of Funds is depending upon your investment Objective.

You can start a SIP in ELSS Funds to save Tax. 

ELSS funds have the lock in Period of 3 Years. So, you have to stay invest up to 3 years to save Tax. 

If you are an aggressive investor, you can choose Mid Cap or Large Cap funds. 

Risk Meter will help you to understand the risk of the funds selected by you. Before proceeding further try to understand the risk of the investment by this process. 

Mutual Fund risk meter

After selection of Funds, next step is to set the SIP Amount and date. 

The frequency you have to select as Monthly, It means the amount of your SIP will be debited monthly for the investment. 

SIP amount as per your investment Objective. You can start a SIP with a minimum amount of Rs 500. Some funds accept the SIP amount starting from Rs 1000. 

Select one start date, for your 1st SIP. Every month by the same date SIP amount will be scheduled to debit from the Bank Account for the investment. 

A number of installments are nothing but the time frame that you want to fix your investments. 

SIP auto debit feature will allow you to invest hassle free. This function will create a mandate for auto debit of SIP amount from your bank account electronically. 

An auto debit function is only available for the Trinity account Holder. 

By the Auto debit function, SIP amount is going to debit from the Kotak Bank Account on the SIP date.

You have to keep your funds in Kotak Bank account rather than securities account.

How to Start a SIP in Mutual Fund SIP selection

I have clearly explained the steps and procedures of SIP investment through Kotak Securities Trading Account. 

If you are facing any difficulty at the time of any process, you can contact Customer Service or your Relationship Manager of Kotak Securities. 

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