What you keep in mind while reading stock recommendations ?

By | May 7, 2016

Every investor asks about Stock Recommendations to the broker or Financial advisor to invest in the Stock market.They want stock Recommendation to avoid the risk of loss in the market. The broker and financial advisor give the stock recommendations along with a fact sheet which contains why to buy, when to buy and the time period to hold. 

It’s easy to follow the stock Recommendation but, are you able to understand what they are added in fact sheet for you and why they are recommending the same stock for you? 

You must have some sense to Understand the Stock Recommendation given by your Broker. Few points discussed by Kotak Securities to follow a stock recommendations given by Broker or any of your Financial Advisor. 

These are Points to consider at the time of reading Stock recommendations:-

  1. Understanding the Rationale
  2. Know the jargons
  3. Target Price
  4. Know the duration
  5. Stop Loss
  6. Check the Validity

You can read the complete description about the Points in Meaningful Minutes, an initiative by Kotak Securities to Educate Investor. 

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