How to get Online Research Recommendations from Kotak Securities?

By | January 7, 2018

Intensive research and expert advice will increase your chance of Profit-Making from the Market. Here will discuss How to Use Online Research Recommendations from Kotak Securities, those are having an account with Kotak.

These research recommendations are only available for the Kotak Securities client. 

All the research recommendations are available on your account login. 

How to login Kotak Securities Trading account?

Research Recommendations from Kotak Securities

After login to your Account, on the home screen only you will get this kind of research recommendations from Kotak Securities. 

You will get both Fundamental as well as technical research recommendations. 

All the research Recommendations are displayed with the Potential return, Company Name, Recommendation Price, target and date of recommendation initiated by Kotak.

Technical Research Recommendations are very clear and concise in Nature.  It can be used for the Trading Purpose.

Don’t forget to follow Stop loss Price which is recommended by Kotak Securities. 

Online Research Recommendations from Kotak Securities

If you need more research report to study and analyze stocks for investment purpose, you can download research reports which are uploaded by Kotak in your account login. It is available to all customers of Kotak Securities. 

Research recommendations from kotak securities

Type of Research Reports available for Kotak Securities Customer

Various type of research reports is available for you to check out.

  1. Market Morning 
  2. Morning Insight
  3. India Daily Institutional Equities Research Reports 
  4. Weekly Technical Reports
  5. Monthly Research Reports 

Market Morning is Uploaded Daily which contains a view of the Market. From this, you can get an idea about the Market to play around.

Morning Insight also uploaded daily which contains a snapshot of Economic and Corporate News along with some Stock recommendations. 

Morning insight also contains information of last day Bulk deals. 

If you are a customer of the Kotak Securities, no need to go anywhere. You will get all information from your login only.

India Daily Institutional Equities Research Reports is the in-depth analysis of the Market and Stocks. If you need more information about stocks, this report is best for you.

Weekly and Monthly research reports uploaded Weekly and monthly respectively. You can follow these reports for long-term investments. 

You can also get Stock market recommendations via SMS with a cost. 

As a value-added service, you can opt for research SMS.

If you are interested in Mutual Fund buying and not able to figure out the fund for you, use Kotak Mutual Fund Research Reports to search your funds according to your requirement. 

You can use these research recommendations for your Stock Investments.

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